This is a short promotional film I shot and put together for a local yoga studio. This was a solo effort and I produced the entire film from planning, shooting, directing to editing, colour grading and graphics. A shorter looping edit from this will also be used on the header of the clients website. Yoga is a passion of mine and this is the studio where I attend classes so it was a real pleasure to be able to create this video.  
This is a short behind the scenes film shot in the West Country of England during a week of filming for the "Wild Scoundrels" pilot TV episode. The brief was to shoot as much video and stills as possible during the filming with this being used for daily social content during that week to keep followers up to date and engaged. This is a compilation of all the best bits in roughly chronological order. We had a fabulous week and I hope this gets across the adventures that were had, a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes and the spirit in which we worked.
This is an example of one of 13 films I helped produce for Buckinghamshire NHS trust. These are targeted at school kids who may be considering a career in the NHS and each one is a short Q/A interview session with someone already working in their particular field within the NHS. I was provided with a basic green screen cut and a script and my job was to key the subject out, and add the graphics and animation to help tell the story. 
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