Lights, Camera, Action: Video Production Gallery

A short compilation of some of my favourite shots from my time on a fabulous project at Wood Green animal charity as featured in channel 4's "The dog house". These were used by Wood Green for their website and social media content.

An example of one of a series of 8 videos I created for A new republic of the heart as part of their online learning course. This involved bringing a series of previously made videos up to date by reshooting each video and editing it together with the original audio and music with the addition of new graphics and titles.

Promotional and website video for the Yoga Hall in St Albans UK.

A compilation of behind the scenes video and photography for the "Wild scoundrels" TV pilot that was used for promotion, social media content, and as a record of the shoot.

These short films are targeted at school kids who may be considering a career in the NHS and each one is a short Q/A interview session with someone already working in their particular field. I was provided with a basic green screen cut and a script and my job was to key the subject out, and add the graphics and animation to help tell the story. 

Here’s a little breakdown example from one of the Educational films I worked on for Bucks NHS. 

This is a very early project I worked on as a model maker and stop motion animator.

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